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Typically spring and summer are the active months for selling your home. It shows the best with all the plants and trees in full bloom and really showcases your landscape. Getting into late fall and winter is a whole new game. Those lush beautiful trees are bare, the plants have all turned brown and the grass is just dried out and brown. Here are some thoughts, tips and recommendations for Selling in the Off-Season:

For Thought:

  • Chances are that folks who are looking in this time-frame are serious buyers.
  • Less competition during this time. There are fewer homes on the market.
  • Tech Savvy Buyers are on the lookout for homes year-round
  • New Tech-Tools allow the buyer to receive emails automatically when new homes go on the market. Yours could be one of them!!

To Help:

  • Provide summer photos of your home as well so buyers can see the full picture.
  • Decorate inside for the seasons (autumn - winter).
  • Take the time you used to spend outside and ORGANIZE for maximum appeal.
  • Showcase winter warmth with a fire, scented candles and warm decorations.

When it snows:

  • Be sure you shovel all walks and paths
  • De-ice paths and the driveway
  • Plow or snow blow the entire driveway to showcase the amount of parking space available
  • Make sure outside lights work.

We care about you. With the Festive Season around the corner: please drive safely. A road tip to our readers who sometimes have to drive during bad weather conditions:

  • Make sure you can see.Replace windshield wiper blades. Clean the inside of your windows thoroughly. Apply a water-shedding material (such as Rain-X) to the outside of all windows, including the mirrors. Make sure your windshield washer system works and is full of an anti-icing fluid. Drain older fluid by running the washers until new fluid appears: Switching fluid colors makes this easy.
Published Friday, November 18, 2011 7:47 AM by Joe Prunty

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