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The American Dream

Owning a home is a big part of the American Dream! Cheyenne is a place where you can live this dream. Warm, friendly people and great site seeing. Cheyenne offers many exciting events. Well known for the most amazing rodeo festivals, there is also a Fresh Market every Tuesday. This open-air market specializes in bringing the freshest locally produced foods and farm products to the local residents. Products featured at the Wyoming Fresh Market will include Amish-style peanut butter, bratwurst, smoked wild-caught salmon, trout and a variety of other products. An absolute must see is the historic Garden of the Gods Trading Post. The Trading Post lies on the southwest corner of the Garden of the Gods Park. This is the largest art gallery and gift shop in Colorado. The most magnificent site to see is the Balanced Rock. Entrance to the park is free according to the wish of Charles Elliott Perkins, whose children donated the land to the city of Colorado Springs in 1909.

Look out for the American Indian Heritage Day Celebration in November. There will be a number of guest speakers, dancers, singers and more! You will want to come back every year for this great event!

Join the 59,466-population figure of Wyoming. The question that comes to mind is should I buy or rent? In most cases it is better to buy instead of renting. The only exceptions are for people who have very low rent, or who plan on moving in a few years. The benefit from buying a home is that you pay your monthly installment for 15 to 30 years and then you stop paying it altogether. When renting a home however, payment carries on. How to get a mortgage (a loan)? You generally need four things to qualify for a mortgage: money to make the down payment; income that is 2 to 3 times higher than your mortgage payment; two years of solid employment and decent (not perfect) credit. There are sometimes ways around this if you lack one or two of those, but usually not if you lack three or four.

Come and enjoy the city with the small town ambiance. Where you can breathe freely and enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of Cheyenne.




Published Thursday, September 8, 2011 8:08 AM by Joe Prunty

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Kinnear said:

It is pleasant to know about coming events. We can get some details of events from People can enjoy events with their friends and family. They can enjoy events at specific date and time. Some events are very entertaining for all people.

February 27, 2018 8:31 AM

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