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Ghostly Legends of Cheyenne

Cheyenne, Wyoming was founded in July of 1867 and has been accumulating many ghost stories ever since.

The fledging city, busting at the seams, was a wild and lawless place during its first days so it should come as no surprise that it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Wyoming.

In the days preceding Halloween, a Cheyenne Trolley offers two tours per night for ghost hunters eager for the tales.

Here are a few legends from Legends of America that have been picked up along the way to give you a taste of what the haunted side of Cheyenne really entails.

Atlas Theatre
Built in 1887, this three-story building originally held a confectionary shop on the lower level and the upper floors were utilized as office space. In 1908, the first floor of the building was converted into a theatre and operated until 1971, the theatre company purchased the Atlas and two years later it was placed on the National Register of Historic places. The historic theatre is said to be considered home to two active ghosts.

If you feel brave and want to check out the haunted theatre, it is located at 211 West 16th Street.

Deming Elementary School
Built in 1945, the school is allegedly haunted by a man who was killed in the furnace room years ago. At nighttime, night lights are said to be seen flickering in the building and clanging noises are heard. Legend also has it that if you look into a window at night, you will not only see your own shadow, but another next to it.

Check out what happens when you look for your shadow at 715 West 5th Avenue.

Francis E. Warren Air Force Base
This Air Force Base is the oldest continuously active military installing in the Air Force. Over the years it served the U.S. Army and Calvary in protecting the frontier and served through the Spanish-American War and both World Wars. Through modern facilities make up the base today, many of the historic structures still remain. Legends are told that many of the old cavalry soldiers continue to linger. Another story tells of a spirit that is said to harass female members of the security teams.

Unfortunately you can’t walk on base to check these legends out for yourself unless you go during a public tour or are “sponsored” by military personnel.

Halloween is in 5 days so it’s the perfect time to year to investigate these legends and check them out for yourself!

Let me know if you find anything extra spooky on your Halloween adventures!


Published Tuesday, October 26, 2010 7:16 PM by Joe Prunty

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