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Reducing Your Monthly Payments

Reducing Your Monthly Payments

As we talked about earlier, you may not have to go through foreclosure. Joe works with Cheyenne's top financial professionals who can help you on any number of levels to help you save your home or just to get your finances together.

Reducing Your Monthly Payments

For Cheyenne and Wyoming area residents who have high monthly payments, Lenders offer programs which can help reduce your payments. Consolidating your high interest credit card and other debts into one lower payment could save you hundreds of dollars each month. Also by refinancing your first mortgage, or obtaining a new home equity loan to reduce your monthly debt can be a financially practical way to relieve the burden of high monthly payments that seem to have never ending balances. To learn more about how we can help Cheyenne area residents relieve some of the monthly burden that debt has created for you contact your Lender today or ask Joe Prunty who he recommends.

 Debt Consolidation Tax Savings

When you decide which Lender has the best debt consolidation loan is for you remember that a benefit to consolidating credit card and other debts is that you can write off the interest and possibly the points you paid for the loan in your federal income taxes. Non-secured credit card debt is definitely not tax deductible for Cheyenne or any other area residents but loan interest is so check with your Wyoming tax advisor for details. The savings in your taxes and monthly payments can be substantial when compared to your old non-deductible monthly bills. For more information about the tax savings related to our different loan programs contactyour Lender today or call Joe Prunty for a personal referral.

No Equity Required Debt Consolidation Loans

Keep in mind that you don't have to necessarily own your home 100% in order to take advantage of some Lenders offer debtC debt consolidation loans; in fact they may offer second mortgage loans requiring no equity and financing available up to 125% loan to value of your home. Your Cheyenne area home may be eligible for a loan, even if the first mortgage is the same as the home's value. So if you need to get a second mortgage loan on your Wyoming home in order to pay off credit card or other debt and consolidate it into one low interest money saving loan with your Lenders then don't hesitate. Find out more about the no equity required second mortgage loans to help you consolidate your debt by calling your Mortgage representative today.

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