First Time Buyer Grants

First Time Home Buyer Grants Wyoming

Great news for all First Time Home Buyers in the State of Wyoming! The State of Wyoming is offering a First Time Home Buyer Grant program for its residents. This is excellent news because not all states are able to offer assistance to first time home buyers. The Wyoming Community Development Authority maintains Wyoming’s first time home buyers grant program. The one type of grant that Wyoming offers is called the “Homebuyer Assistance Program” and it provides first time home buyers with cash assistance of $2,000 to assist with down payments and closing costs. Also if you remain in your home for thirty (30) years, this cash assistance becomes a grant which in turn means that after the allotted thirty (30) years the loan does not need to be repaid. Visit the Wyoming Community Development Authority website to determine your eligibility.

When you hear the words first time home buyers grants, one naturally assumes that it represents a gift or some form of charity true, but there is a little catch in most cases not all due to the limitations the grants. Some limitations other states enforce are.

  • You may need to repay the money when you sell your home regardless of how long you live there.
  • You may have time limits of how long you live in the home before the grant repayment will be forgiven and you will not need to repay it.

With the wealth of nohow and experience, Joe will be able to give you sound advice and direct you into the best possible direction in regard to the First Time Home Buyers Grant.