Understanding Your Credit Profile

Credit Profile Information


What is a credit profile

Your Credit Profile refers to your consumer credit file which is made up of reports from various consumer credit reporting agencies concerning your interactions with them. You profile is a picture of how you as an individual paid back the companies you have borrowed money from, or how you have met other financial obligations.Your credit file is updated every time you apply for new credit. This credit history impacts on whether or not a credit provider will approve your loan; how much importance is placed on it will depend on the lender.


There are usually five catagories of information on a credit profile including

  • Identifying information
  • Employment information
  • Credit information
  • Public record information
  • Profile inquiries.


What you will not find on your credit profile

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Health
  • Driving Record
  • Criminal record
  • Political Preference
  • Income

For more information on how lenders use credit profile information and what it means to you as a Cheyenne area consumer contact Joe Prunty.