New Construction Benefits

Top reasons to buy a brand new home!

Home building in Wyoming’s standards have never been higher than they are today. New homes are built to a much higher specification than many of the older properties and with the demand for housing at unprecedented levels, home builders have been investing vast amounts of resources into the quality of their properties; from exceptional levels of standard features to improved energy efficiency. Here are just a few reasons to buy new.


Start Fresh!Building a new home, Cheyenne Wyoming Having a newly built home, one is assured that everything is clean and untouched by any previous owners - it’s like buying and driving a brand new car out of the showroom. All appliances are new and no repairs are necessary. No appliances or carpet to replace either.

Tastefully Yours
Most new model homes have a neutral décor allowing you to add your personal touch for your own style and personality. If you custom build your home, the sky is the limit. You choose your colors, flooring, counter tops, hardware, fixtures and more! You may be able to choose from the standard builder’s options or upgrade to something that suits you better!


Purchase a Model Home and Move Right In
When builders showcase their new model homes they are typically decorated by Interior Designers with furniture, appliances and window treatments. Usually, once all the lots in a neighborhood have been sold out, the Builder will sell the showcase models as well. Often times, much of the interior décor is also sold with the home. Imagine that. Moving right in with no need to decorate or paint. It’s already done!


Built to Suit Your Lifestyle
New homes are built to make maximum use of every inch of space. Research has shown that 17 percent of living the space in older style properties often goes unused, and that translates to your dollars per square footage going to waste. Flexible living space is integrated into your newly built home. Especially if you’re input in the home-design phase is present.


Be Part of a Vibrant, New Community
Buying in an established street, where properties may change hands more frequently may make it harder to break into the existing social networks. Moving to a brand new home is an opportunity to make new friends and be part of an emerging community. Neighborhoods of today are designed and built with people in mind. Getting to know your neighbors and community is easier as you settle in and start to discover your new surroundings together.


Enjoy Peace of Mind
With a newly built home one eliminates the need for renovations or repairs. So one can spend more time with family and friends. The majority of new built homes come with a warranty providing new owners with peace of mind.


Help the Planet and Save Money Too!
New homes are built to be energy-efficient and emit as much as 60% less CO2 emissions than older style homes do. This can be equated to driving 10,000 miles less per year per household which is a huge relieve on our natural resources and contributes to our ecology’s stability. Comfort can be taken in the knowing that you are doing your part for the environment. It’s not just about the planet, improved energy efficiency saves money too!

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